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    Cybt-343026-01 sleep mode



      I want to use low power mode in cybt-343026-01.  According to datasheet.


      1. I have included. Wiced_power_save.h in my application.

      Then wiced_sleep_config(WICED_TRUE, NULL, NULL); by doing so I can reduce my current consumption to 3.6mA to 4.6 mA. On power up first it takes 6.9 mA for high duty advertisement. But I want to reduce my current consumption to uA when inactive? I am confuse which mode currently my module is? 


      2. All unsued Gpio must be in Hi-Z state. So if I am not doing configuration to the unused GPIO, it automatically goes into HI-Z state? Am I correct?


      3. When I use wiced_power_save_start(Wiced_WAKE_SOURCE_TIMEOUT,0,0); API it puts the device into HID-OFF state. But in sleep mode I am consuming more current 12 mA. Is it because of my hardware circuitry consuming more current when my module is off or I am doing some mistakes while using low power modes?


      Thank you.