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    cyble-212020 findme app not advertising




      Using the module on my own carrier board I am hiving problems with PSOC Creator 4.3, using the find me app. The project builds and runs, but there is no BLE advertisement.


      Using the same find me app but with PSOC creator 3.3, same board, same module, same programmer/cable etc, it works and advertises.


      I have also tried the AlertNotification app, with the same results - not advertising.


      Initially, the PSOC Creater 3.3 was on a Win XP machine, and the 4.3 version was on a win 10 machine. I have installed PSOC Creator 3.3 onto the Win 10 machine, and the app works and advertises. So, my 4.3 install is not working some how - in my mind.


      So working is:

      PSoC Creator  3.3 CP3 (

      Peripheral Driver Library 3.1.1

      BLE Module 3.10

      Win 10 / Win XP


      Not working is:

      PSoC Creator  4.3 (

      Peripheral Driver Library 3.1.1

      BLE Module 3.30 - updated to 3.65

      Win 10


      Even when the AlertNotification app is run with Creator 3.3, it advertises, but CYSmart app ( does not read the services. So, do I need a different app?


      The 4.3 install has been removed and re-installed - maybe an issue there?


      Where should I start looking to resolve this?


      What if the device under the hood for this module? The datasheet has plenty of dead links. Is it PSOC or PROC?