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    [Modustoolbox 2.*] Cypress WICED BT/BLE Host Stack solution (bluetooth-freertos)




      In BSP of CYW9P62S1-43438EVB-01 in Modus 2.1, application like CY8CKIT-062S2-43012 has not been prepared yet.

      - AnyCloud BLE Battery Server

      - AnyCloud BLE CTS Client etc.


      I also want to use WiFi, so I would like to refer to the sample Application below.

      - AnyCloud Wi-Fi Onbording Using BLE


      There is bluetooth-freertos in the library of Application above, but this library seems to be supported only for CYW4343W and CYW43012.

      Will the next Modus Toolbox 2.2 support CYW43438?

      If yes, what is the release date of Modus Toolbox 2.2?


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