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    Unclear - Is there support for HSP / A2DP Sink on CYW20719B2?


      We have designed in the CYW20719 to our headset/audio product, but have not been able to get HSP or A2DP sink to work.


      We chose this part because the datasheet recommends this part for "headset, earbuds, and other audio solutions" and it supports our I2S interface.


      Are these profiles supported at all?  I have recently uncovered old forum posts that mention that neither HSP nor A2DP sink is supported on the CYW20719(B1).

      This conflicts with the data sheet, and also with the WICED BT SDK v2.6 API reference for 20719 that has API functions listed for A2DP sink.

      Is this only the case with the B1 version? I found a link on the Cypress site that mentions the migration from B1 to B2 version, but the link is dead.


      We tried to start with porting the demo code from CYW20706 as suggested in a previous post, but eventually saw another old post that the 20706 ROM and stack is not compatible with the CYW20719, adding more confusion.


      Since our product is based on both these features, we need to know if we have run into a dead end.


      To make things worse, we have already done a pre-production run of our PCBA that has CYBT-413034-02 modules installed.

      If we have to replace all these module parts to support the BT features by using the CYW20706, there does not appear to be a 20706 module that has a compatible footprint, so we will have to scrap this run.


      Any help and guidance would be greatly appreciated!


      Thank you.