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    How do I connect to programme a PSoC 4?


      Hi, I have been programming the CY8CKIT-042 successfully and have had no problems. I am now looking to produce some prototype boards but cannot work out what I should connect in order to programme a CY8C4245PVI-482 - I am getting myself totally confused.



      1. What is the minimum that I need to program the CY8C4245PVI-482 seamlessly (plug in and it works without programming the programmer)? I take it that I can't do this from the CY8CKIT-042?
      2. Do I need to buy a MiniProg4 (for programming and debugging)?
      3. If I use a 10-pin connector, which pins of a new CY8C4245PVI-482 should be connected to what? How do I identify those pins on other PSoCs and packages?
      4. Am I better off using a different connector? If so, which pins of a new CY8C4245PVI-482 should I connect to what?


      Thank you!