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    SPI high speed problem?


      Hi,I am use SPI component on psoc5 series CY8C5888LTI Prototype kit in master mode and SPI mode_1 to communicate with AFE4400(TI company)(AFE4400 spi sclk is 8MHz).I use SPI component with in psoc creator that attach. But the problem is spi data write function in output.when i am select 8Mhz on sclk it is not create true sclk on output in data write but when i select low sclk clock like 250k or 800k or other below 1MHz it is worked well.I need 8Mhz on sclk so I do not know what is mistake exactly?

      Why SPI component does not work on 8Mhz sclk?(Cypress datasheet say SPI can work up to 18MHz sclk)

      Below is picture out put on oscilloscope. https://snaptube.cam/ https://9apps.cam/

      PLL clock is select on 64Mhz.

      I choose Enable high speed on spi component but it not difference on my problem in output.

      Is there any body to help me and say me how can I solve it?

      Here is the output signal show on oscilloscope that show spi component does not work correctly on 8Mhz sclk.(first is on 250KHz and second picture is on 8MHz)

      please regurd me how can solve this problem with spi component?

      Thanks for attention...