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    PSoC command line?


      I read the 95 pages document for CLI guid

      I am using Psoc 5 and I could connect to microcontroller to turn off LED but I cannnot release it to blinking again

      after DAP_Acquire  it will connect https://100001.onl/ https://1921681254.mx/ https://happymod.site/

      1 >cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\Programmer"

      2 >ppcli.exe

      3 >OpenPort KitProg/1E13146C03227400 .

      4 >SetPowerVoltage 5

      5 >PowerOn

      6 >SetProtocol 8

      7 >SetProtocolConnector 1

      8 >SetProtocolClock 152

      9 >HEX_ReadFile "H:\\P08.hex"

      10 >DAP_Acquire

      11 >DAP_AcquireChip

      12 >DAP_GetJtagID

      13 >PSoC3_GetTemp 0x1 0xFFF 0x4

      14 >SetAcquireMode “Reset”


      0 OK

      15 >DAP_ReleaseChip


      0 OK

      16 >ReleaseChip


      0 OK

      untill line 13 the code will execute correctly and it turn off LED of microcontroller but after line 14 when I want to release the chip to turn on LED again I will not get the appropriate result as I expected, Please let me know if I miss some Api or if I should use another api


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          There was this same question a month back and the thread was locked due to inactivity. Can you please let us know what your requirement is. Are you trying to program your device using the PPCLI command-line tool?


          All the APIs are correct except the last one "ReleaseChip" which is only applicable for PSoC1 devices.


          What you are doing essentially with the above commands is setting the connection parameters, acquiring the device, and then reading the internal die temperature and releasing the chip from test mode. I don't know what the LED turning off and blinking in your context means.


          And the results are 0 for all APIs, which suggests that there wasn't any error. What is your requirement and what is the appropriate result you are expecting? Please clarify.


          Looking forward to your reply.