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    DMA error on PSOC5 (adc to SRAM)


      Hi everybody,


      I'm coding a adc lecture (14 bits) to SRAM with DMA. The idea is, save the row size of flash (255 bytes) first on the SRAM. When the transaction is complete, move the SRAM data to the flash.


      The problem is simple, i got mi DMA configured on 0x1fff8000, so i will use to 0x1fff80ff, but using the transfer count with 255 bytes, crash the program, but using around 60 transfer count never crash on the debug process (the data limit it's 4096 if i'm not wrong).


      The next step it's stop when the 255 bytes are wrote on SRAM for later write to flash using CyWriteRowData();


      Regards and thanks in advance,