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    Forget all previous connection data when connecting to new Central


      We're using the BCM20736S as a peripheral, the app being loosely based on hello_sensor.


      We're having an issue when connecting to several centrals, which are iOS devices.



      - Connect the sensor (peripheral) to iOS device A (central). Pairing dialog appears. Device can read encrypted sensor data with no issues.

      - OTAP sensor to new firmware using the iOS device A.

      - After OTAP, connect to iOS device A and read sensor data, everything works fine.

      - Switch to iOS device B, pairing dialog appears, press Pair, sensor data can also be read with no issues.

      - Connect back to iOS device A. Connection is made but no sensor data can be read.


      Sometimes, this issue also occurs when not performing OTAP in the middle, just when changing centrals from A -> B -> C then back to A or B.


      Sensor connects but for some reason doesn't bond, and no pairing dialog appears, even though the sensor has been forgotten in the iOS Bluetooth settings.


      For this reason, I'd like to forget all previous connection data (pairing information) when connecting to a new central. Is there a way to do that ?