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    Configuring and Entering into sleep mode forcefully by timer based




      BCM920706, hello-sensor application inside: ‘SDK "WICED-SmartReady-SDK-1.0.1-IDE-Installer


      Sleep Mode:

      My application requires to enter into sleep mode for every configurable, 10 minutes for a configurable sleep duration of 3-5 minutes. I mean, my application requires the BLE Stack to enter into sleep mode forcefully for a configured duration. I noticed there is away to wake up from sleep using GPIO but I cannot find any timer/timeout based to wake up from sleep.  I cannot find any sleep API that can help to enter into sleep for a required duration (say for example 3 minutes). I am trying to force the device to sleep for 5 second or more, but I dont see any trigger for my callback from the stack. I am not using any timers (nothing of seconds, fine timer, idle connection out), But, still my callback is not executed, although I have registered my callback, as follows:


      //registered my callback to enter into sleep

              devlpm_registerForLowPowerQueries(my_tosleep_cback, 0);


      Also, I tried this below:




      Deep sleep:

      I can able to enter the deep sleep from my application call (), but after the deep sleep duration expires, the stack is not able to resume the connectivity even after re-initialize my application appropriately. Is it like the BLE stack cannot support deep sleep after the BLE-Pairing is completed?


      Any support available for the BCM920706 for latest SDK 2.x.x?