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    Implement User IPC pipe so I can use BLE too


      I downloaded CE223820 IPC Pipes sample project and was able to run it.  Then I incorporated the pipe into my project and ran into issues with it not working.  From the following discussion I determined this is due to BLE using the same pipe and I need to implement the user pipe. I really feel like the documentation for implementing the user pipe and the need for using it if you are using BLE is lacking.  It would be helpful if the sample project had implemented both options.


      Re: IPC pipes stop working when BLE is introduced in project CE223820_IPC_Pipes01


      I made a copy of the CE223820_IPC_Pipes project and added the cy_ipc_config.h and cy_ipc_config.c to create the CE223820_IPC_Pipes_userpipe project.  I want to get the user pipe working in this project before adding it to my real project with BLE, Uart, MCWDT, and other components.  I intend to use sleep modes but not sure if I will use Deep sleep.  I will also be initiating the messaging from the CM4 versus how this project starts with the CM0.  I assume that means I will have the MessageCallback and ReleaseCallback in the CM4 and just the MessageCallback in the CM0, correct?  So if there are any further implications to the IPC pipe based on what I want to do that would be great to know too.


      I debugged the attached project.  In the CM4 I receive the message from the CM0 but I fail at line 466 in cy_ipc_pipe.c.




      So, I have something wrong with the ipcPtr but I haven't been able to figure out what I missed.  Hopefully someone can spot my mistake(s)!