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    hello sensor link time is very long



            We are using android app and "BLE firmware" of "hello sensor" to verify the "connection/link" time.

           There are few questions as below:

           1. the connection/link time is very long between 2 BLE devices. it's range of "connection/link" time is about 2-80 seconds.

               normally, it should be m-seconds range.

           2. how to re-build "LeHelloClient" apk of "hello server" for "android"? any instruction ?

           3. do you have a complete document/API to introduce in details?



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          I used a tag3 to connect to my "WICED Smart Explorer" installed on my S4 (Android 5.0.1) and the connection is quite fast. How did you do your test? Are you using a tag3 to try to connect to a Android phone?




          Max, can you elaborate on how to install the LEHelloClient app described in your blog?


          Testing a WICED Smart Tag with Android Devices

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            dear boont:


               thanks for your reply.

               I use broadcom's tag(color of case is red) to connect  android 4.4 smart phone.

               my team members tested the link time is about 2-80 seconds, we don't know why's long.

               late, we will try the updated code from web site you provided.


               there are few questions as below:

               1. android apk code can't build on this IDE envrionment?if not, how?

               2. does wiced sdk provide the sample code to connect(data exchange) between 920736/920737 tag?

               3. any document describe library API? i.e.: emconninfo_getPeerPubAddr(), bleprofile_ReadHandle ... etc.


               by the way, we are trying to add customized "service UUID" in APK(smart phone, gateway) and tag(device).

               the connection direction is apk -> tag -> tag.

               we will appreciate if there are sample code between both.




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              I believe you are probably referring to the WICED Sense Kit which looks like a car key fob with a red casing.


              We also have our own WICED Sense App for Android, available for download from Play Store.


              In this setup environment, you are saying that the Sense kit took up to 80s to connect?

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                We saw similar issues during our development... The time it spends unitl the connection to multiple devices is established by the smartphone (especially Android-Phones) differs between the advertisement interval and more than a minute. This time span seems to depend on the vendor of the smartphone. We haven't seen this issue with Apple Phones.