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    Max packet size in BLE 4.1.

      Hi to all


      What is the max packet size in BLE 4.1. ?

      Customer is looking transfering 128kB / 10seconds, currently done with BT Classic ( 3.0 )

      Can we do it using BCM20736S/37S?





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          There was a decimal misplacement in my initial response.  Corrected below.


          128 kBytes /10 seconds is 12.8 kBytes per second.


          or 102.4 kbits per second...


          The speed optimized speed_test sample in the SDK is capable of 80 kbits per sec., so it will get close, but not meet the requirement.



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            The answer to the question depends on whether the customers requirement is the payload data rate or the overall data rate including overhead.  I suppose the standard Bluetooth overhead is different than the BLE overhead.  Also is the data rate quoted in the answer before or after adding the overhead.  It sounds to me like that is the overall data rate and the actual payload rate may be significantly smaller.  Clarification might be in order.



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              Hello userc_2560


              Can you please clarify what goodput (data throughput delivered, not the physical datarate) your customer actually needs for the application ie is it actually 128kBytes of data payload to be transfered every 10 seconds - if so then the requirements cannot be met with the BLE implementation but would be easily addressed with BT classic.