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    CX3 custom board: USB-3.0 enumeration issue




      We have developed custom hardware based on CX3. We are unable to enumerate our hardware on USB-3.0. We have USB-3.0 pin connection as below,

      CX3       --- Connector Micro-B

      SSRXM --- Pin9(SSRX-)

      SSRXP ---  Pin10(SSRX+)

      SSTXP ---  Pin7(SSTX+)

      SSTXM ---  Pin6(SSTX-)


      I have read in one KBA(USB Differential Pair Pin Inversion - KBA218753 ) that pin inversion is recommended for SSRXM and SSRXP but in our design, it is not followed as you can see above pin mapping. What could be the issue in our case?