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    PSoC 6 WiFi-BT Prototyping Kit and fw-loader update issue


      I'm using a PSoC 6 WiFi-BT Prototyping Kit

      I followed the sequence (forgot the document it's in)


      Board Setup


      1. Use the USB lead to connect your Mbed to a PC. The status light will come on, indicating it has power.
      2. Check if kit is in CMSIS-DAP mode LED1 (POWER) and LED2 (STATUS) as shown in the image below, LED2 can be blinking or solid.
      3. Download the fw-loader from Cypress Semiconductor Github.
      4. Execute the following command in command line, fw-loader.exe --update-kp3. If the connected kit is not detected after executing this command, please enter into bootloader mode by holding down the "Mode Select" button (SW3) before plugging in the board. Then run the fw-loader.exe again.
      5. After command is executed successfully please press the SW3 Mode button for 3 seconds and release.
      6. Kit should now be connected in DAPLink mode as shown in the image below (LED1 should glow).


      The update seemed to work (eg no obvious failures).
      However, this sequence is supposed to make the device look like a drive (eg D:). It does not. Is this a depreciated feature, known bug, or what? It seems a previous use was to download your executable on the "drive" in order to program the device.
      Mainly a curiosity question.
      Thanks! ... bandit
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          If you find a mass-storage drive like D: the KitProg3 is recognized as an mbed Composite Device.  Please confirm the device manager selecting the menu item "View>Devices by connection".


          In this mode, the STATUS LED blinks fast (2Hz) and the Modus Toolbox failed to find a CMSIS-DAP device.


          Please push the MODE switch once to change the mode to KitProg3 CMSIS-DAP.


          In this mode, the STATUS LED stops blinking and turns on stably.