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    A LPF (Low-Pass Filter) Component -- Finally!!!


      I've attached a custom component that is a TopDesign selectable component for the PSoC5 LPF (low-pass filter) block.


      Previously the 2 fixed function LPF blocks available in the PSoC5 were only available by accessing the PSoC5 registers directly.   With this component, it can be included, configured (4 corner frequency selections) and routed by PSoC Creator.


      This component has a number of run-time APIs to allow for setting a "new" corner frequency and to stop or disable it.


      If the component is Stopped or Disabled, the LPF will automatically BYPASS to allow the full frequency spectrum of the input to the output.  Re-enabling or starting the LPF will invoke the last corner frequency setting.



      • PSoC Creator 4.2 or higher.
      • PSoC5 Device Family.