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    Computer not recognizing CY8CKIT-062-BT-WiFi


           I was trying to fix an issue that was preventing me from downloading the program image onto the dev. kit. I was having a problem exactly like the one in this post: PSOC6 - CY8CKIT-062-WIFI-BT Cannot Program using Wiced. However, I tried the solution in this article with no luck.


          I read in another post (that I can't find now) that said you can upgrade the firmware through PSoC Programmer (shown in the picture below). I upgraded the firmware while in HID mode and then again in BULK mode. After that, I pressed SW4 just to see what would happen. Now my dev. board is no longer recognized by the computer. It doesn't show up in the device manager or in PSoC Programmer.

      PSoC Programmer.PNG

      Also when I plug it in LED4 turns on but LED2 stays off.



      EDIT: I should mention I also have a CY8CKIT-062-WIFI-BT (not FRAM) that works fine. I'm able to connect and upload programs no problem.


      Additional Info:

      OS: Windows 10

      IDE: WICED Studio 6.4

              PSoC Programmer

      Dev. Kit: CY8CKIT-062-WiFi-BT-FRAM


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