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    I was able to build - but cannot load/execute


      ...after dealing with with not installing ModusToolbox in a default location (had to edit makefile..)

      Now, I cannot get it to execute.

      I can see the board in the Windows device manager:  KitProg3 CMSIS-DAP


      I get this popup. Issue is: There is no Debugger tab!


      I have set the debugger path to the .hex file. (Also tried the .elf).


      I have tried following the documentation on build/execute. I have been doing embedded systems for 35 years. This is one of the most frustrating tools I have ever used that is supposed to be "easy".


      Modus Toolset 2.1


      Board PSoc 6 Wifi BT prototype board

      chip CY8C624ABZI-D44ES

      CPU board CY8CMOD-062-4343W


      I am missing something obvious, but I have tried what I can.