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    incorrect results from wwd_wifi_get_channel and wwd_wifi_get_ap_info


      Processor: CYW43907 (Murata 1GC module)

      SDK: WICED 6.4


      Issue 1:

      Calling wwd_wifi_get_ap_info provides an AP mac address that does not match what the client is connect to.

      The MAC provided is a valid MAC address of an AP but not what the Aruba Controller shows the client being connected to. It could be a cached MAC address from a previous connection before roaming but i don't have wireless captures to verify.


      Issue 2:

      Calling wwd_wifi_get_channel provides incorrect channel. The channel provides does not match the connected AP configuration. For example, if running channel 36 on the AP, the result of wwd_wifi_get_channel might be 39 or something close to the correct channel (not random or completely off).


      Both of these commands read directly from the WLAN core via the ioctl commands so it is not a cached value within WICED layers.


      Has anyone seen this?

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          Hello NiMc_1688136


          I tried reproducing the both issues and here are my observations.

          I downloaded the test.console app on a 43907 as the commands here directly make use of the WWD API's and set up an AP on channel 6 with 20MHz bandwidth and connected a 43907, a 4343w, 2 android phones running android 10 and one more on android 7, a laptop on windows 10.

          Then i gave the command get_associated_sta_list and as you reported in issue 1, only the MAC address' of the devices running android 10 were different. The MAC of the remaining 4 STA's were correct. Are you observing something similar in your setup?  I will dig further into this and try to figure out why this is happening.

          I tested the same again on channel 36 and observed similar results.


          Coming to the 2nd issue, the channel command returned the correct channel on devices using the test.console and applications checking the channels on the android devices also showed the correct channel. Can you let me know what your setup is? or if possible, provide me with the application that is being used so that i can check if a similar issue arises in my setup.



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            The difference in MAC address returned of android 10 devices is because, by default Android 10 uses MAC randomization. Privacy: MAC Randomization  |  Android Open Source Project . If i disable this, then the get_associated_sta_list returns the correct MAC address.

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