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    Streaming data from the BCM20737_LE_KIT



      I am looking to stream data from the bcm20737 evaluation.


      I am not sure exactly what is the best way about doing it.


      Each sample of data i read from my sensor will return 25 bits of data (will have to be declared as 32 bits, so i will be sending 32bits instead of 25 bits?).


      At the moment my sensor is sampling at 500hz (fatching data every 2ms).


      Will i stream each sample of data on its own or will i store the 500 samples (at 32bits each, 500*32=16000bits) and stream altogether?


      Is there an example code that i could easily modify to send my data (an array) to an app on my phone (Light Blue app)?


      I have been using the Hello_sensor example a bit, could this be made to do what i want?