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    The CYW 20706 breaks the connection directly when connecting to the target device >> returns CONNECTION STATUS error code(reason) 0X13 >> what does this mean?


      We are using the CYW 20706 as the target device for connecting to a BT audio source (using the 'Headset' demo from wiced studio). A mobile phone (android) can conenct correctly and send audio data (verified via I2S output). but our target communication device (security transceiver) can pair but not connect to the device.

      When the connection is attempted the CYW 20706 sends the connection status event data (with correct connection status data) but immediatly sends a secondary Connection status event with Connection broken data and Error code 0X13.


      The datasheet and 'WICED-HCI-Control-Protocol.pdf' don't refer to the Connection status event so i can't figure out what the problem is.


      Can anybody explain what this errorcode measn and how i can fix it?