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    CX3 Custom board: Unable to load firmware in SPI Flash and I2C EEPROM memory




      We are working on a custom board based on the CX3 component. We are able to flash image in RAM memory and image is working as expected but we are unable to flash the firmware from I2C EEPROM and SPI Flash memory. Below are the I2C EEPROM and SPI Flash component we have used in custom hardware,

      1. I2C EEPROM: AT24CM01-SSHM-T

      2. SPI Flash: W25Q80EWSNIG


      When we try to flash image in I2C EEPROM or SPI Flash using Control center we are seeing below status messages at bottom left,

      1. When we select Program->FX3->I2C EEPROM or Program->FX3->SPI Flash then we can see a status message like, "Waiting for Cypress Boot Programmer device to enumerate..."

      2. We are unable to see file selection pop-up and we get a status message like, "Cypress Boot Programmer Device Not Found"


      We have verified EEPROM and SPI flash component from the "EZ-USB® FX3™/FX3S™ Boot Options" guide and it looks supported parts.


      Can you please help with the probable issue? Do we need to change anything in the bootloader for custom board support? Do we require a second-stage bootloader? If we require a second-stage bootloader then how can we load it into hardware?