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    PSoC 62 Mismatch between Alternate_Function.xlsx and datasheet




      I would like to inform you, that I found a mismatch between files available in this link (Upload 05/31/2020):



      In the Excelsheet from Pin P2.0 to P4.1 there are no alternate function in column ACT6,7,8 and so on.

      But if you have a look in the datesheet, there are some alternate function available at these Pins.


      Im doing a own pcb design with PSoC 62 so I need to know, if the error is in the datasheet or in the excelsheet.


      Thank you for your help

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          Hello JoPa_4215136,


          We apologize for the inconvenience. We have raised an internal ticket to fix the issue as soon as possible.


          However, please follow PSoC Creator for any such confusion in case of mismatch between the datasheet and Alternate_Function.xlsx . To check the correctness of the information, as an example I drag dropped a SCB component in the Topdesign of my project and assigned Pin 2.0 and Pin 2.1 to the SCL and SDA respectively. I tried to build the project and the build was successful. This helped me understand that Pin 2.0 and Pin 2.1 can be used for SCB while this information was missing in Alternate_Function.xlsx.


          Best Regards,