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    Community translation: AN90114 - PSoC® 4000 Family Low-Power System Design Techniques



      AN90114 - PSoC® 4000 Family Low-Power System Design Techniques / Point : 4000



      This is a 2020 Summer translation program.

      If you want to participate, please reply - to confirm your work. Only 1 person can work on 1 AN.

      You don't need to modify the last page - history and legal terms.



      1. Reply by each An translation Thread.


      2. Translation file will includes English with Japanese

      - You have to refer to Japanese with English

      - This is firstly translated by Machine, no review from people

      - You should review machine translated Japanese AN - by compared with English original version.

      - For the unnatural point / improvement point - you can edit it.


      3. Submit your updates on translation to original Thread.


      4. This will be reviewed by internal documentation team


      5. After review, it will be rewarded and released to Community.



      If you have any question, please ask it to me by new Thread or reply.