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    Q320 New community translation work - AN translation


      Hello, Community contributors


      How are you doing with under COVID-19 situations and upcoming summer season ?

      I hope everyone who visits this page will be safe and healthy.


      This is a notice for Q320 New community translation work - AN translation.


      Targeted AN # is  > 10.

      Initially 5 AN will be uploaded and it will be gradually updated.


      Here are updated process for AN translation.


      1. Reply by each An translation Thread.

      2. Translation file will includes 1. Japanese / 2. English

      - You have to refer to Japanese file

      This is firstly translated by Machine, no review from people

      You should review machine translated Japanese AN - by compared with English original version.

      For the unnatural point / improvement point - you can edit it.


      3. Submit your updates on translation to original Thread.


      4. This will be reviewed by internal documentation team


      5. After review, it will be rewarded and released to Community.



      If you have any question, please reply to this Thread or create a new Thread for your question.


      Thanks for your participation !