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    Capsense Tuner




      I am looking for help on how to run the Capsense tuner in the Psoc design. i seem to get alot of communications erros.


      i have the circuit i designed that has a proximity sensor on it and need to tune it properly and the only documentation i can find on the tuner seems to be obsolete. does anyone have experience running this that can help me out?

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          Hi KyCl_4704321,


          Can you please let us know the PSoC device you are using? Are you using PSoC Creator or ModulToolbox?

          If you are using PSoC Creator: Please see section CapSense Tuner in CapSense component datasheet

          Pg - 129 https://www.cypress.com/file/492461/download


          Check if you are using Synchronized communication mode in Tuner settings to avoid noise in rawcounts. (spikes)


          If you are using ModusToolBox - Refer ModusTool box CapSense Tuner Guide



          Refer the Proximity app note for tuning guidelines



          Please let us know if you are facing any specific issues with Tuner.




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            so the device on my circuit is CY8C4244PVI-442 i i am using psoc creator and i have a mini prog 3 and a cy8ckit-043 that i have tried using to comunicat with my device. everytime i try to communicate between the two with the ezi2c i get a communication error.


            any help you give would be much appreciated.


            thank you,

            Kyle Clifford

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              1. Could you please attach the schematic of your connections just to make sure the I2C connections are okay?

              2. Could you please send us a screenshot of the error message you are getting in Tuner

              3. Check if you have set SubAddress size to 16 bits in both Tuner Setup and EZI2C component settings (Share screenshots of TunerCommunication setup settings and EZI2C Communication settings)

              4. Make sure the ezi2c interface is set up correctly as mentioned in the CapSense component datasheet.




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                i even copy and pasted the code from the manual to see if that would get it working but still no luck.

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                  do i need pull up resistors on my board? or does the kitprog have them?

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                    All the settings in the Tuner and EZI2C looks good. The program code looks good.

                    Are you using any Cypress kit to connect to tuner or is it your custom board. If it is your custom board, it is recommended to use MiniProg only. Do not use Kitprog with custom board. It may or may not work.


                    When MiniProg3 is configured in the I2C protocol mode, it enables the internal 5.6-K pull-up resistors on the SDA and SCL lines. So external pull up is not required when using miniprog.


                    A simple test to make sure i2c communication is okay is to check using Bridge Control Panel.

                    • Open Bridge Control Panel (it is installed as part of PSoC programmer).
                    • Connect to Miniprog/ Kitrprog
                    • Click List

                    BCP should list the slave device with the correct slave address. If it doesn't list your slave , please check the I2C Connection and pin assignments again.





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                      Greetings of the day.

                      I am also having the similar issue.

                      I am using Miniprog 3, with a custom board having a PSOC 4000S series CY8C4025AZI-S413 controller.

                      I have tried both the ways for Tuner that is  UART and  EZI2C method. Both the code was taken from Datasheet for Capsense V7.0.

                      Is there any connection needed to follow to get Bridge panel to detect slave device. Where the SDA and SCL pins to be connected on Miniprog??

                      I have attached the code with this comment. Please help with same.



                      Thanks and regards.

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                        I have followed the same process in PSOC creator 4.2 and got the results as expected. Now the question arises that what happens with PSOC Creator 4.3.?

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                          Can you please clarify if miniprog is working fine in PSoC Creator 4.2 and it is not working in PSoC Creator 4.3?