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    Modustoolbox 2.1 inconsistent bugs device configurator 2.1 does not work well?


      Hello I am new to Cypress.


      I am using kit CY8PROTO-062-4343W


      I would appreciate your help


      I am following the videos getting starting https://www.cypress.com/video-library/PSoC-Software/modustoolbox-101-lesson-1-2-blinky-led/610051


      1. I try to find blinkLed and is not there. Do you know where I can find it?


      2. When I creating a new Application, I click New application then I chose "CY8PROTO-062-4343W", "Hello world"  Example. when open the device configurator 2.1 and click the tap pins, the IDE shows me a different MCU the (CY8C6245LQI-S3D72).  This is not correct.  How I can fix this error? thank you