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    PLL setup without libraries


      I want to try setup PLL on my PSOC6 mcu(CY8C6347BZI-BLD53). I dont want use library(olny register operation), but i dont know where i make a mistake.

        SRSS->CLK_ROOT_SELECT[0]=1;//select path 1(pll0)
        SRSS->CLK_PLL_CONFIG[0]=(30)|(1<<8)|(4<<16); //feedbacvk_div 25,output_div 4,reference_div 1
       SRSS->CLK_PLL_CONFIG[0]|=(1<<31);//enable pll
       while(SRSS->CLK_PLL_STATUS[0]==1);//wait for flag



      But this code don't work, i forget about something? I was think this is enoughto enable pll and set is @main clock but now I see I was wrong but I dont know where.