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    Unable to connect WiFI GB Ch 12 and up




      Our product is unable to connect to WiFi channels 12 and higher. Out build is using the 1DX with v5.4.18-2020_0402 firmware and the latest Linux kernel supported by murata GitHub - murata-wireless/meta-murata-wireless  (branch imx-sumo-manda).


      Using "iw get reg" this returns the country of the AP successfully. If the country is changed in the AP our product quickly follows suit. 

      Using "iw list" shows all the channels that are enabled and disabled; these follow the selected country.


      When GB is selected in the AP only channel 14 is disabled in iw list as you'd expect. However forcing the AP to use channels 12 or 13 fails to connect. It feels like the driver is stuck on US but is stating it's GB. 

      If iw reg set GB and wl country GB are used after all this then it connects, but if beforehand the country was GB why set it again and why must both iw and wl be used?