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    New in AnyCloud (June)


      HTTP Server

      Our HTTP server library, which was originally released for use with Mbed OS, has been extended to support the AnyCloud solution. It is a rich implementation with this impressive feature list.

      • Provides secure (with TLS security) and non-secure connections
      • Includes a comprehensive set of RESTful HTTP methods such as GET and POST
      • Supports various resource content types such as HTML, Plain, JSON, etc.
      • Handles large content payload (greater than MTU size) using a content length HTTP header
      • Supports chunked encoding for GET and POST methods


      The AnyCloud Secure Sockets library has been extended to support IPv6. This enlarges the device address space and shall enable future application layer protocol support, such as HomeKit, Weave and mDNS (Multicast DNS).

      Coming Soon - CY8CKIT-064B0S2-4343W BSP

      The PSoC® 64 Secure Boot Wi-Fi BT Pioneer Kit is a new development platform for AnyCloud and Mbed OS, featuring the PSoC 64 Secure Boot MCU along with a certified Murata 1DX module (CYW4343W Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Combo Chip). It features out-of-box security with an isolated root-of-trust with attestation and provisioning services. It supports secure boot and secure firmware updates.