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    Confirmation that 1DX can or cannot support 20/40MHz coexistence




      We have a number of customers using Meraki routers that our product containing a 1DX cannot connect to unless they turn 20/40MHz coexistence off. We experience the same issue with our Netgear having to turn 20/40MHz coexistence off. I have carefully searched though the BCM43430 / 1DX documentation and cannot see any mention of 20/40MHz capability.


      So does the 1DX (  currently using v5.4.18-2020_0402 firmware -  and latest Linux kernel supported by murata GitHub - murata-wireless/meta-murata-wireless  (branch imx-sumo-manda). ) have this capability?

      If not, is there any work-around, setting etc that could be used to connect to these routers so customers don't have to sacrifice bandwidth for one product?

      If is does, what could be causing a failure to connect?