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    Does Cyble_GapClearResolvingList() really work?


      I've been trying to make Cyble_GapClearResolvingList() work for a lot of days and just can't get it to do anything other than return apiResult = 2, which means Invalid Operation, which seems to be returned for one of four condidtions:  1) translation is enabled in the controller, 2) Advertising is enabled, 3) Scanning is enabled, 4) Create connection command is outstanding.

      The code involved is attached. The Cyble_GapClearResolvingList() call is about 15 lines from the bottom of the page.

      The purpose of the attached code is to store bonding, whitelist and resolving data if the RemoveDeviceFlag is not set.  If it is set, it should clear the whitelist, bonded devices list and resolving list.  It all seems to work except the call to clear the resolving list. 

      I'd really appreciate two things:  First, that some kind person would take a look at this code and tell me what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it. Second, that, if possible, you not simply tell me to look at the documentation or an example, because I've spent many hours doing just that without success.


      Many thanks for your kind consideration,