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    Serial F-RAM (FM25VN10-G) used as a LVGL GUI buffer with PSoC5LP?


      Hello there,


      I would like to know is there a way to use serial type of memory with PSoC5 MCU's EMIF component. In one of my earlier posts I managed to run LVGL GUI on PSoC5 platform, so now I would like to use external RAM for display buffer as it is supported by LVGL. By reading a datasheet for EMIF I concluded that it's intended to be used with memories that use some sort of parallel interface. If that is the case, is there a way to use serial RAM with PSoC5 as a graphics buffer or is that only possible on PSoC6 series of MCU's with SMIF component?


      Just to mention that I have no experience with EMIF or external memories so any help would be nice, and I'm sorry if my post is a bit of a mess.