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    FX3S GPIF II to Storage Port(using FatFs) and USB


      Dear All,


      For us  write data from GPIF II to Storage Port(through FatFs) and USB simultaneously.  Earlier we have done with MANUAL IN to write on storage port using Fatfs, now we need to push to USB too.

      For this what I did was,  created DMA MANUAL CHANNEL, here the consumer is CY_U3P_UIB_SOCKET_CONS_1 and registered a callback function, once  DMA event notification hits the callback func, I tried to send an even from that callback, but am not able to receive the event in another thread and also no error.  The call back hits up to 8 times for this I added a counter and displayed.


      In DMA MANUAL CHANNEL configuration can we send the events or send Q to other threads. from call back function?