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    How to use MiniProg3 without installing PSoC Programmer


      I use LabVIEW to program PSoC 4 BLE parts. Works fine using the PP_ComLib_Wrapper.dll interface. But I have to have PSoC Programmer installed for it to work. Why?


      I grabbed the prog3 driver for the MiniProg3 (that's what we use) and I can install it on a system WITHOUT PSoc Programmer; but the application doesn't work even though the PP_ComLib_Wrapper is there. Those SHOULD be the only two things I need.


      What (exactly) prevents the MiniProg3 from working via the DLL interface when it's driver IS installed, but the PSoC Programmer software is NOT? Will I *have* to install PSoC Programmer on all our test machines to make this work? I can't just install the driver and distribute my application with the DLL file?


      This is a real issue for me...