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    Production Difference of Fm25V20A?




      We buy FM25V20A-GTR from the supplier company located in our country. The last Rams we bought are not working.

      The codes written on the previous and current Rams are as follows, can you give any information accordingly?


      fm25v20a-g b 611058 cyp1843

      fm25v20a-g d 605877 cyp1907


      Is there a difference in these two rams? if so, what is the change? What should be done to run these rams?


      Thanks in advance for your answer,

      Mehmet Akif.

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          Hi Mehmet,


          Can you provide more details on the issue.

          1) What is the procedure used for testing the devices.

          2) Can you share some scope shots of read and writes to the device for a passing device and a failing device.

          3) Can you share the schematics of the FRAM portion with us


          There should be no difference in the FRAMs performance.