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    Pin 2.6


      Hello everyone, I'm using an OpAmp: OA[0] on the PSoC 4 BLE, the kit is CY8CKIT-042-BLE.

      The Vplus pin is P2.6 as it's listed on the Design Wide Resource on PSoC Creator, but it isn't available physically because it is used for LED3 on the board and is soldered.

      I can't find another pin that stands as Vplus for Opamp0.


      How can I access this pin externally?




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          You can use P2.0 as an alternative pin.



          The VPLUS input can be routed to one of Pn.0, Pn.6 and AMUXBUSA as described in the "PSoC 41XX_BLE/42XX_BLE Family PSoC 4 BLE Architecture TRM, Document No. 001-92738" as follows.



          If you decide to use the AMUXBUSA, most pins can be routed to VPLUS by occupying the AMUXBUSA for this purpose.




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            Thank you so much!
            This answered my question