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    [CYW20819] About Tx Power


      Hi everyone


      > Programmable TX Power up to +4 dBm

      In the attached Datasheet, it means that the Max Tx Power is 4dBm.

      As I know it is Typ.5dBm in Classic, and typ.4.5dBm in BLE,

      so I think it is inconsistent.

      Could you please give me an explanation?




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          Hi YoJa_3107936,



          I have discussed this inconsistency with our team internally. The correct tx power values are provided under RF Specifications (table 20,21,22,23) in the datasheet. Please use those numbers for your development work. The max tx power (as 4dBm) mentioned in the 1st page is a mistake. We will correct it in the next revision of datasheet.


          I appreciate your help in pointing out this datasheet inconsistency to us.