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    CY8CMBR3108 Streaming Water Resistance


      As per the datasheet of CY8CMBR3108,


      "The CapSense controller locks up the user interface in firmware to prevent touch inputs in streaming water"


      We have an requirement that, touch pads should be working when there is streaming water on the touch pads.  Please suggest if Enabling the 'shield electrode' and 'guard sensor' will help us in meeting our requirement.

      If not, what are the other options ... please suggest.




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          Hi GoKo_4724376,


          With CapSense, it is not possible to differentiate between stream of liquid and a finger touch.

          CapSense can work (detect touch) with only droplets of water using shield electrode. It is not possible to detect touch with a stream of liquid. Guard sensor when triggered will disable all the sensor scanning to prevent false triggering. It can not be used to detect finger touch with water stream.

          Please let us know your use case so that we can see if we can suggest you any alternative.




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            Hello Bragadeesh,


            Thanks for response.

            Our requirement is that, touch pads shouldn’t see water stream as valid finger touch and at the same time touch pad should sense finger touch as valid touch when there is stream of water over the touch pads.


            Our assembly will look like:

            Two Touch pads on PCB -> Conductive disk (optional)-> 2mm thick over lay->Touch input


            Please suggest suitable solutions.


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