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    Help in component selection and design


      Sir,  I want to make high-speed USB communication to a PC of my project to be implemented on an FPGA board (presently using cyclone IV based Deo nano from Terrasic, later dedicated FPGA board to be designed).  The FPGA acquires data from an imaging sensor via a 16 bit ADC, 16MHz rate.

      My requirement is a FullHD frame rate of at least 50 frames per second, 16-bit grayscale.  There are few sensor control signal options required to be implemented in the PC software to be developed using Labview 2019 (64bit).  Data to be acquired by the LabVIEW program and analyzed.


      Please help me select the model from Cypress which also has ready supported drivers and tools.  It should be compatible with Labview programming. 

      I am a beginner.  Please give a summary of the points to consider.  I shall make reference to that and work on it.


      Thank you