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    CY15B102N-ZS60XAT IBIS



      Could you please provide the IBIS model for CY15B102N-ZS60XAT.

      We planning replacing FM28V202A with CY15B102N-ZS60XAT in our design. Is the performance  characteristics of both the devices are same?

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          Please use the attached IBIS model. The IBIS model of FM28V202A is applicable for CY15B102N-ZS60XAT. The difference between the parts is FM28V202A is qualified for Industrial and CY15B102N is qualified for Auto-A grade. Hence IBIS model of FM28V202A can be used for CY15B102N part. The operating temperature rating of both the parts is -40C to +85C. I have attached the model. 

          Both parts are identical in performance. The only difference is the qualification as explained above.