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    How to really disable fine timer in BCM20737?

      Currently we have fine timer interval defined as 250ms like below:


      const BLE_PROFILE_CFG ir_sensor_cfg = {
          /*.fine_timer_interval            =*/250,   // ms 12-1000


      For a test, we comment out our timer callback reg like below:

      //    bleprofile_regTimerCb(sensor_fine_timeout, sensor_timeout);
      //    bleprofile_StartTimer();

      And we can observe the mini pulse every 250ms


      Please check the red arrow, the small pulse means the 250ms fine timer is still counting, if we change the fine_timer_interval = 0, the base current will move to 6mA. Seems not the correct way to disable it.

      If we change the fine timer interval to 1000ms, the period will become 1 second, but we didn't use the fine timer now!

      So please kindly tell us how to disable the fine timer in real to prevent the pulse.



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