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    Error-unable to find solution for analog routing


      I am getting an error of analog routing solution when i try to connect Amux,Opamp and Adc.

      can anyone help me to solve this error?

      I am attaching my workplace over here.















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          The project you have attached is not complete. Please attach the complete project. You can do this from Project--> Archive workspace/project. Please do the following steps:


          1. Unlock all the pins in PSoC Creator 'Pins' tab and try to build once. This gives the flexibility to PSoC Creator to use the best possible way to connect the pins.


          2. Please check with code examples in PSoC Creator to check if there are any incorrect connections.


          3. Please check the Analog tab in design wide resources to get an idea of how the internal analog routing is.


          Please attach the complete project in case if already tried above mentioned points.



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            Hello Sir,

            Thanks for your valuable reply. I already tried mentioned points.

            I am attaching complete project.


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              Here are a few things to consider:


              • Opamps Opamp_1 and Opamp_2 flag a warning.  It indicates that since the opamp outputs don't exit the IC that they should be set to "Internal".
              • There are x warning that don't make sense.   However the connections listed in the warnings do indeed appear to be connected.   Maybe Cypress can explain this since there is no further information in the output report.
              • This might be nit-picky.  You posted your question in the wrong Forum.   This forum is for PSoC5 questions and solutions.   Your project is for the PSoC4 community.   Others like myself will try to answer as best we can but we may not have nearly as much PSoC4 experience.  Consider moving this discussion to the PSoC4 forum to get a better set of "eyes" on your issue.



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                I've run into a similar problem with the ADC_SAR_Seq component on the PSoC5.  This component requires for some reason that each ADC input attached to the Amux needs to be directly connected to a Analog PSoC pin.  Cypress never expressed why this was needed.


                Evgeniy posted a modification of your project where each of the ADC inputs have a PSoC analog pin assigned.  It compiles.


                I've modified his project by:

                • Configuring the Opamps with internal outputs.
                • Removing the analog pins on the opamp inputs and outputs


                I left the 'extra' analog pin assigned to the top of the Thermistor.  It seems like a waste to have two physical PSoC pins assigned to the same node but without it, it doesn't compile.



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