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    Regarding the software reset of S25FL064L




      The data sheet “8.11 Reset Command” states that tRPH is required to complete the software reset command.

      ->A software reset command (RSTEN 66h followed by RST 99h) is executed when CS# is brought HIGH at the end of the instruction
      and requires tRPH time to execute.

      In Table 53, there is a Min value of tRPH of 100 μs.

      Please let me know the Maximum value of tRPH.

      Or, Is there another way to determine if the software reset is complete?


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          Hello Kumada,

          Thank you for contacting Cypress Technical Support, an Infineon Technologies company. 

          There is another way to determine software reset completion, except waiting for tRPH.    

          tRPH is counted from when CS# is brought high at the end of the software reset command. You have to wait at least tRPH for software reset completion, before next flash access (i.e., bring CS# low again). There is no maximum time limit for the waiting (i.e., you can wait as long as you want, as far as longer than tRPH). So there is only Min value of tRPH, no Maximum value of tRPH.


          In another word, waiting for tRPH is enough for software reset to complete.


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