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    transmit testing - changing power level


      We followed this example from WICED-MFG202-R.pdf to generate a carrier wave using the mfg test app running on a BCM9433642WCD4 module:


      wl --serial 99 down

      wl --serial 99 country ALL

      wl --serial 99 band b

      wl --serial 99 mpc 0

      wl --serial 99 up

      wl --serial 99 out

      wl --serial 99 fqacurcy 6



      We see the spike with the spectrum analyzer. Then we attempted to change the power level via: txpwr1 -d 15 and also tried using milliwatts units. We cannot get the power level to change. The test app claims the power level has changed as reflected by the return value of the txpwr command, but the output on the spectrum analyzer does not change.

      We also performed the modulated test from the same document:


      wl --serial 99 down

      wl --serial 99 country ALL

      wl --serial 99 band b

      wl --serial 99 chanspec -c 1 -b 2 -w 20 -s 0

      wl --serial 99 mpc 0

      wl --serial 99 ampdu 1

      wl --serial 99 bi 65000

      wl --serial 99 frameburst 1

      wl --serial 99 rateset 11b

      wl --serial 99 up

      wl --serial 99 txant 0

      wl --serial 99 antdiv 0

      wl --serial 99 nrate -r 11

      wl --serial 99 phy_watchdog 0

      wl --serial 99 disassoc

      wl --serial 99 txpwr1 -1

      sleep 3

      wl --serial 99 pkteng_start 00:90:4c:aa:bb:cc tx 40 1000 0


      We see that the spectrum has broadened due to the modulation but the txpwr1 again has no effect in changing the actual power level.



      (1) What is the correct way to change the power level for carrier wave and modulated transmit tests using the mfg test app?


      (2) Is there a programmatic way to do this in our app via the WICED API?