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    CYBLE-012011-00 CySmart connection problem




      I'm doing some tests with the CYBLE-012011-00 chip and the example project called "BLE_Battery_Level".

      When I connect to the device via the CySmart application on the Android platform everything works properly, but when I try to connect via CySmart 1.3 and BLE dongle on Windows 10 the connection is almost interrupted with an error: CONNECTION_FAILED_TO_BE_ESTABLISHED (see log in attachment).

      I also tried to create a Windows 10 Application with the Microsoft libraries available at this address https://github.com/microsoft/Windows-universal-samples/tree/master/Samples/BluetoothLE and the result is the same, it is almost impossible to establish a connection.

      I also tried using CySmart on Windows 7 with the same results, while on Android everything always works correctly.

      Please, do you have any suggestions?

      Thanks in advance