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    iOS9.0.x characteristic not found problem



      My team developed a BLE product which is connected to iOS. It is BLE peripheral device and works well with iOS 8.x.


      Apple released iOS 9.0 (and 9.0.1, 9.0.2) recently. With iOS9, iOS cannot find some characteristic which can see with iOS8.x (and iOS9.1 beta).

      Below images is captured LightBlue iOS app and show services / characteristics list.

      iOS8.4 find 6 characteristics for 1st service and 2 characteristics for 2nd services.

      On the other hand, iOS9.0.1 device find only 5 characteristics for 1st service and 1 for 2nd service.

      The last characteristic looks like be lost.


      Module is BCM 20737S.

      We uses 128-bit UUIDs for both services and all characteristics.

      We uses bonding with Passkey paring.

      Not only LightBlue app but also our developed application has same issue.


      We have 2 products using WICED Smart, and both product (another service/characteristic set) have similar problem.

      We have other vendor module, and this product doesn't have the issue (tested only 1 product).

      It might be iOS problem, but if you have any information and/or workaround for the issue, it is very appreciated.

      In iOS forum, we found similar report. I cannot know reported product is related to WICED.


      I confirmed this issue has been fixed with iOS9.1 beta, but iOS9.1 release timing is not known.


      Thank you very much for your kindly support.