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    Direct test mode CYW4343W


      Hi everyone,

      i need to pass the RED (Radio Equipment Directive) certification for a custom board with the IC CYW4343W.


      I found this page CYW4343W/CYW43438 Product Guide with some info about the board, with this article WICED Wi-Fi Direct Test mode: Introduction  about the DTM.

      When i load the sketch, if i type:

      wl4343WA1.exe --serial 16 ver

      the serial returns a string:

      7.45 RC41.0

      wl0: Jan 10 2017 19:57:03 version (r663489) FWID 01-cf6f763a

      without the "WLTEST". The article says that the "WLTEST" must appear.


      I'm using the Wiced Studio 4.1, 6.2 and 6.4.

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