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    High and Low Connection Mode Parameters

      I have two sets of parameters defined in the master node as follow:


          // Used for low connection mode

          blecen_cen_cfg.low_conn_min_interval    = 200;      // frames; 1.25ms

          blecen_cen_cfg.low_conn_max_interval    = 220;      // frames

          blecen_cen_cfg.low_conn_latency         = 0;        // number of connection event

          blecen_cen_cfg.low_supervision_timeout  = 500;      // N * 10ms


          // Used for high connection mode

          blecen_cen_cfg.high_conn_min_interval   = 6;        // frames; 1.25ms

          blecen_cen_cfg.high_conn_max_interval   = 6;        // frames

          blecen_cen_cfg.high_conn_latency        = 0;        // number of connection event

          blecen_cen_cfg.high_supervision_timeout = 10;       // N * 10ms


      The master node will first connect to a slave using high connection mode command blecen_Conn(HIGH_CONN, evt->wd_addr, evt->addressType)  and then disconnect.


      The master node then connects to another node using low connection mode command blecen_Conn(LOW_CONN, evt->wd_addr, evt->addressType)


      However, when I used emconninfo_getConnInterval() to check the parameters, it show that the master still uses the high connection mode parameters for the 2nd node.


      I even program the 2nd slaves node to update the parameters via lel2cap_sendConnParamUpdateReq, but the master node still uses the high connection mode parameters.


      So, why does the master node use high connection mode parameters even when I use the command blecen_Conn(LOW_CONN, evt->wd_addr, evt->addressType) ?


      Any idea how to fix it?