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    What is the meaning of "20in80" and "40in80" of 802.11ac 80MHz in WIFI regulatory power setting?


      When check WIFI regulatory power limit setting by "wl curpower",  I observed that 20in80, 40in80 and 80MHz regulatory limit of 802.11ac 80MHz at low and middle 5GHz band are not the same,  20in80 and 40in80 are using the regulatory limit for 20MHz and 40MHz bandwidth respectively.    On the contrary, 20in40 and 40MHz regulatory limit of 802.11ac 40MHz and 802.11n 40MHz are the same.

      I want to know what is the limit setting of "20in80, 40in80" for?  Regulatory power limit of 80MHz is not the limit of each 20MHz "sub-channel"?